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Lewiston History

On the pages linked to this page you will find a series of articles that was originally published in our monthly water bill mailings.  The monthly publication was compiled by Joan Shaw.  We would like to thank her for all of her fine efforts and for her continuing efforts. Also check out her site.



Report # Date Written
A Question Of Origins #1  January 1996
Defining Perseverance:
The Settlement of Lewiston
#2  March 1996
Epidemics And Disease #3  May 1996
Sugar Beets! #4  July 1996
Farming Then And Now #5  September 1996
The Funny Business of HORSE TRADING #6  November 1996
Ah, For The Good Old Days.... #7  January 1997
The Lumber Boom And Bust In Cache Valley #8  March 1997
Changes The Railroad Brought #9 May 1997
Rural Schools--the Early 1900s #10 July 1997
The Night The Opera House Burned Down #11  September 1997
A Nation Of Immigrants #12  November 1997
Snowbound #13  January 1998
The Rise and Fall of the Galloping Goose #14  March 1998
The Depression Years–1929-1940 #15 April 1998
Ghost Crops of Cache Valley #16  December 1998
Water, Water, Everywhere #17  March 1999
Shrubs And Flowers – A Very Human Need #18  June 1999
Winter Storage Of Vegetables #19  February 2000
A Dry Farm In Idaho #20 April 2000
Life In A Sheep Camp #21 March 2001