Lewiston City Council

Kelly Field

Lewiston City Council - Departments
Kim (Fizz) Bodily  - Cemetery, Library, Parks & Recreation
John Morrison  - Economic Development, Emergency Preparedness, 4th of July, CERT
Stacey Prescott  - Planning & Zoning, Arts Council
Ted King  - Water, Sewer, Theatre
Jonna Westover  - Fire Department, Roads, Youth Council

Planning & Zoning
Brent Whittier
Rod Garner
Phil Foster
Anna Sisson
Dan Bergeson

City Attorney
Miles Jensen
Kelly Smith 

J. U. B. Engineers, Zan Murray, Marcus Simmons

Public Works
Paul Swainston
Dan Dukeman

City Office Manager/Zoning/Recorder
Julie T. Bergeson

Treasurer/Utility Clerk
Mary Simpson

Beth Anne Creger
Linda Flygare
Laura Frey
Amy Prestwich

Rosie Williams
Jane Anderson

4th of July
Committee Chair -- Desirae Jackson
Rodeo -- Jackson Smith

General Contact Information

City Office            435-258-2141
Utility Billing         435-258-5004
Library                  435-258-5515
Theatre                 435-258-1101
Public Works          435-770-4337

City Council Members