Notice of Cancellation


Resolution 17-006





November General Election Information
Lewiston City

Municipal General Election
November 7, 2017
7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
In the Lewiston City
Clubroom located at
29 South Main

Municipal Offices to be voted on:

Mayor 4 year term
Kelly Field
419 N Main
Lewiston UT 84320

2 City Council Members to serve a 4 year term

John H. Morrison
748 N 1600 W
Lewiston UT 84320

Ted N. King
138 W 100 S
Lewiston UT 84320

Pursuant to UCA-10-3-3-1 Notice- Elegibility and residency requirements for elected office, notice is hereby given:

Lewiston City will hold a municipal general election of Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Contact Information for the Lewiston City Recorder, Julie Bergeson:
Office: 435-258-2141

For voter registration information contact:
Cache County Clerk: 435-755-1460